About Us

The beginning of something great always begins with a solid foundation

Our Team

We are a unique group of solution architects that will cater to the needs of small to medium businesses with needs that range from managed network support, email migrations, cloud infrastructure deployments, to website applications. 

We like to think of our customers as partners and not clients because we believe in working with and establishing relationships as a team. Our team includes members from industry experts and backgrounds such as consulting, finance, software application development, on-site and cloud infrastructure management.

Our Goal

We want our clients and partners to feel that CIEN Consulting genuinely cares about the mission and goals of our partners. We believe that the foundation to a successful long term relationship is good communication and great teamwork. With this mindset, we can solve any challenges our partners encounter.

At CIEN Consulting we treat each of our clients with the highest respect and diligence. We want to have our partners hit the ground running as quickly as possible. We enable our partners to fully dedicate their time to building out their business and not worry about technology related issues. In addition, we want our partners to have a cost-effective team that will proactively deal with issues before it surfaces.

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