Network Management Services

The Internet

In today’s modern world, anything and everything can essentially be found online. The internet has changed the game of how we conduct business with one another. We are constantly using the internet to exchange emails, purchase goods, or perform research. Either way, no matter what business you are in, we understand that you will need to have the internet to run your business.

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Network and WiFi Deployment

We have experience with a wide variety of network products that range from small business (Ubiquiti, Asus, Eero) to enterprise grade (Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus). We handle everything from purchase, configuration, and deployment of these devices. Because nearly all modern devices connect wirelessly, we take special care in setting up WiFi. As part of every network deployment, we conduct a wireless heat map survey to ensure there is sufficient signal strength and coverage throughout your space.

Network Design

Don’t you hate it when your network connection is slow or just doesn’t work? There could be a thousand reasons why you are experiencing these issues, however, more times than not, the root cause of your issues come from the design of your network. Your network design may include who your Internet Service Provider is, the bandwidth on your internet circuit, the network equipment you use, and many other things. At CIEN Consulting, we work together with you on your needs to design a network that is not only cost effective, but can handle your future needs as a growing business.

Router connected to provide WiFi connection to computers

Network Support and Management

With all networks, there are things that just can’t be controlled like unexpected hardware failures, internet outages from ISP’s, or users simply needing help to get connected. Let us support you by handling these issues. As part of our network management services, we monitor the health of your network and receive alerts for any issues that may impact it. This ensures we can respond to problems as they come and provide proactive maintenance to keep your network and your business healthy for the long term.

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