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Custom solutions for your business

Web App Management

After the app is built and deployed, we continue to monitor and maintain the application to make sure that your app is always running and reachable. The power of hiring CIEN for your web app management is that we’ll always be up to date with the latest technologies keeping your website in the best position that it could ever be in. In today’s world, vendors are constantly evolving their platform and having the certified professionals from our firm will ensure that you’re always in good hands.

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Custom Web App

Need to create a custom web app for your customer base? How about some custom workflows for your office (e.g. custom integrations into Salesforce or other 3rd party vendors)? Web applications are great for dynamic content (as opposed to static content). CIEN has top notch consultants and engineers to get those apps and workflows humming beautifully and we do this using world class methodology. We start by speaking with the app’s users in small groups to really understand their needs and then we build according to those wishes. This has resulted in clients much happier in their request for web applications or other apps. We have certified professionals that can design the applications’ architecture from the ground up and deliver a finished end to end product. In addition to the app, we have engineers that can set up automated deployments to the infrastructure on any cloud provider.


File Storage Solutions

Today’s office setup needs a reliant file storage system set up for all employees to use whether they’re in the office or not. Our firm has set up NAS systems for small businesses with constant backups and version history in the office along VPN connectivity back to the office for offsite usage. We are also very familiar with cloud file storage solutions like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Egnyte. Contact us today for assistance on how we can get this set up for you!

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Disaster recovery

Offsite Backup

Offsite backups are critical if there are any earthquakes, fires, or any other natural disasters and they can be accomplished in many ways. Our consultants can design a reliable offsite backup system that will recover any lost data in the event of a catastrophic event with systems at a variety of prices. Offsite backup is akin to having insurance for your data, it gives you peace of mind.

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