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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How does your website show up on the front page of Google? There are three main ways that it will show up:

  1. Someone types in your exact website address into Google
  2. You pay Google for their ad services to promote your website
  3. Google organically selects your website through their algorithms

Option 1 doesn’t really help out because if they know your website address, they can simply type it in themself. 

For Option 2, paying for ads on Google will get your website visibility on the front page depending on what keywords you choose to buy, but it can get very costly over time. 

Option 3 is the best way and is the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), however, it is also the most difficult. 

Website Creation

Have you ever seen a sleek, modern website for a bar or a restaurant and wondered how they did it? They hired professionals like us to build it out for them, of course! Static websites are great when you don’t have content that changes often. You build it once, set it, and forget it. Moreover, when you do build it out, our firm will take SEO and hosting into consideration to make sure your website gets the traffic it deserves. Building a website is also a great way to reduce monthly costs that you’d spend on Squarespace or Weebly. Let our team of business, design, and engineering folk build you a beautiful website while reducing your costs.
SEO Small business

To understand SEO, you must understand what happens when you search for something on Google. When you perform a Google search, Google will take your search phrase and compare it to the thousands of websites that best match the search phrase. Websites that are more relevant to the search phrase will show up higher in rankings and thus on the front page. How Google determines which website is more relevant is kind of like a mysterious black box. This is why they would rather have you go to Option 2 and pay them, but people have the tendency to ignore ads! Best way to get traction is through an organically ranked website.

The power of having a website show up on the front page of Google speaks for itself. More eyes will visit the website which will lead to more business. In today’s world of modern internet, it is the ultimate form of marketing. SEO has become a very competitive market and difficult to achieve. Luckily at CIEN Consulting, we have experienced consultants familiar with how to perform SEO. Contact us now for more information on our SEO services.

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