Point of Sales System

What is a POS system?

If you ever walked into a store and purchased anything, that transaction probably took place at the cashiers counter where a point-of-sale (POS) system is used. POS systems have evolved to become faster, easier, and better over the years and works through computer software that tracks sales, inventory quantities and pricing information.

There are many reasons why choosing a POS system that is right for your business can be beneficial. We like to think that a POS system is a strategic tool, and when leveraged properly, can and will give them an edge over the competition. Many of these metrics are hidden on a day to day basis but upon analyzing the data provided by the POS system; business owners can get insights on what the most popular flavor of beverage or the most popular time for number of store purchases.

Our Approach

We will identify areas of improvement and fine-tune exactly how to incorporate these enhancements into your day-to-day activities. We want to take the time to set up your system to take full advantage and make sure that your software is built to fit your menu and workflow. Our technicians will make sure new hardware is installed, configured correctly and confirm that the system network is functioning properly.

point of sale system transaction

System Setup

We at CIEN Consulting want to guide our clients from the beginning to the end. From selecting the best in hardware and software to properly training the staff to use these powerful tools to their full extent. We want to make you worry less on daily logistical tasks and focus more on the business. 

Today, smartphones and cloud computing technology enable even the smallest businesses to have enterprise level point-of-sale (POS) systems. The data collected from the POS dashboard allows owners to determine how to increase sales or get additional staff during certain hours to ensure the future profitability of their company.
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