G-Suite and Office 365

G-Suite and Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite are both popular choices among businesses looking to either replace or implement a new email provider. Many businesses choose to use Microsoft’s SharePoint or Google Drive to host and collaborate company files.

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Cloud and Reliability

The workforce is constantly changing and evolving to a remote working environment. Almost all applications are managed and run in the cloud.

With G-Suite and Office 365, businesses can have reliable access to their email and productivity services from anywhere at any time. This is a huge advantage as it will allow employees to work on-site or remotely without extra equipment or configurations. These cloud services will save businesses thousands of dollars in the long run especially in the maintenance costs. Get only the licenses you need for each user. This can be a particularly good idea for seasonal businesses or those who have a need to expand and contract the number of users on the email system.

In addition, G-Suite and Office 365 are backed by Google and Microsoft respectively. Both are trusted names known for reliability,  redundancy, disaster recovery, and powerful security. At CIEN Consulting, we recommend robust solutions to keep your business running.

Integration and Familiarity

Integration and standardized tools means you don’t need to remember multiple logins or learn new applications for each device. With Single-Sign-On (SSO), you have the same username and password to access email, file shares, and other applications. Most of us have started using Microsoft and Google products for years now. Switching to a new product with an unfamiliar user interface can cause major disruptions throughout an organization. Office 365 and G-Suite integrate easily with existing systems, which will help to minimize downtime. Office 365 also integrates well with Microsoft Office, the most commonly used desktop office software.

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Transition and Management

We can migrate your business  to G-Suite or Office 365, regardless of the storage tools you currently use. Also, since G-Suite and Office 365 both undergo constant updates, you will always have the latest features.

G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are both complete platforms for many businesses, because it offers everything employees need for effective organization communication and collaboration. G-Suite and Office 365 includes products such as email, social network, instant messaging and online meeting, personal cloud file sharing and enterprise portal platform. Moreover, it allows teams to work together on shared projects.

Both applications make it possible to share content with external partners, which is extremely important to some organizations.

Last few thoughts...

We understand that one of the more confusing aspects of moving either G-Suite or Office 365 can be the various options that exist. There are several different email and file share plans to choose from, each with its own set of features? Different plans include different combinations of mailbox, file share, and business productivity applications. Your office suite is always up-to-date on all your devices – PC, Mac, iOS, Android. Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of moving either G-Suite or Office 365 platform is that you can get the entire Microsoft Office or Google Docs suite with your plan. It simplifies licensing dramatically, since you no longer have to deal with purchasing license copies of office products.

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